Where you will be the messenger of the Lord of Justice and must discover what led your world to reach the current event. Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom. you will learn about the history of the owners of the last pure hearts, where you (your spirit) will enter the bodies of animals that were helped by the Lord of justice, where you will learn how animals lived before humans interrupted their tranquility and natural instinct.

You have to become a predator and hunt other predators. Sleep outdoors, enjoying the starry sky or in a safe den, away from danger. Become a bird and fly above the clouds. Or, as you become a bear, take care of your cubs. Enjoy this wonderful world until Judgment Day.


_ OS: Windows 7/8/10 – 64 bits
_ Processor: Intel I3–2120
_ Memory: 4 GB RAM
_ Graphics: Nvidia GTX 450
_ DirectX: Version 11
_ Storage: 4 GB HD