RC Rush - It's an exciting arcade racing game with radio controlled trucks. Win races to unlock various career events, compete in head-to-head battles to unlock new vehicles, skins and level up to become the ultimate champion!

RC Rush is an amazing racing experience that you can play in VR or on your PC monitor. To drive, you can use a gamepad, keyboard, VR controllers or USB RC controller. There are several options to let you play the game however you like.

Race on over 50 different tracks, you'll visit junkyards, playgrounds, a volcano and much more! You'll compete in many places where you wouldn't normally be allowed to race RC vehicles, like the inside of an Egyptian tomb!

Explore environments at your own pace or discover two bonus crawler-style levels designed for exploration. containing nine special themed Grand Prix cups. being realistic, but not very realistic.


_ OS: Windows 10 - 64 bits
_ Processor: Intel I5–4590
_ Memory: 8 GB RAM
_ Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
_ DirectX: Version 11
_ Storage: 4 GB HD