Recursive Ruin - Manipulate an infinitely recursive landscape to solve a series of environmental puzzles as you work through your own struggles with grief and while you have a creative crisis. With Behemoth, The Cat by your side, unlock an introspective journey through your past and discover new meaning in a chaotic and sinister world.

In a dying and dazzling world Lose yourself in the infinite realms of recursive ruin, a dying world with strange beauty and mind-blowing physics that is endlessly looping in and out.

Discover the great secrets of seven mesmerizing landscapes filled with hidden spaces and bizarre celestial inhabitants. Overcome the impossible and use circular logic to manipulate recursive physics and solve challenging, self-referential puzzles.

Begin an introspective search for meaning and experience a perfectly gripping story that cascades into the surreal. Use your unique abilities and shape the world to defeat the scourge known as Ichor, a malevolent substance that corrodes the fabric of reality.


_ OS: Windows 7/8/10 - 64 bits
_ Processor: Intel I3–4160
_ Memory: 4 GB RAM
_ Graphics: Nvidia GTX 480
_ DirectX: Version 11
_ Storage: 2 GB HD