The Last Stand: Aftermath is a premium standalone action-adventure rogue-lite for an all-new player. Choose a survivor to explore the ruins of civilization, find fuel to travel to new locations, gather supplies to craft weapons, and more. It's dangerous out there. You'll need to be on the lookout, as hordes of zombies still roam the streets and you're not a superhuman.

In fact, you are one of the infected and you will eventually die, either because of the hostile undead or the virus that invades your body. But when that happens, you'll resume the game as a new survivor, with perks and upgrades gained based on your progress since the last one, and try again.


_ OS: Windows 10 - 64 bits
_ Processor: Intel I5–10400F
_ Memory: 8 GB RAM
_ Graphics: Nvidia GTX 570
_ DirectX: Version 11
_ Storage: 5 GB HD