Keep your guard up at all times as the slightest mistake will be met with relentless enemy attacks. Expert controls and timing Perform various skill combos and counter attacks to get maximum damage. Players might be tempted to lower the difficulty settings, but mastering true combat takes practice.

Chained Attacks Each skill combination in Unsouled has its own unique triggers. Whenever you use an ability, your character blinks for a brief second. Use this opportunity to turn your initial attack into a deadly series of blows by executing one skill after another. Learning each skill's slow pattern is crucial to mastering chain attacks.

Mastering chain counterattacks is key to turning the tide on your attackers. With Interactive Objects Crashing an enemy into a wall, pushing them off the edge, cutting down a tree to crush them, or even knocking over a large object to create a makeshift bridge are just a few of the many ways to overcome various obstacles and threats. in the game.


_ OS: Windows 7/8/10 - 64 bits
_ Processor: Intel Dual Core
_ Memory: 2 GB RAM
_ Graphics: AFOX R5 220
_ DirectX: Version 9
_ Storage: 2 GB HD